During Easter week it was a privilege to host Adventuring Angels very first Forest Camp.  A group of 25 people travelled from their recovery organisation, Anew CIC in Manchester, to Barnsley to discover the joys of exploring the outdoors in an informal way.   

The aim of the camp was to embrace well-being, and develop a sense of self whilst working and playing in the outdoor environment.  People played in the woods, made totem poles, created a team flag of what Anew meant to them, cooked lunch on altar fires, solved games and puzzles, and created a natural shelter negotiating and compromising ideas to establish a fantastic shelter fit for royalty.

The highlight of each day was the evening campfire.  On the first evening dinner was cooked on the fire, marshmallows were roasted, and everyone came together to share and relax.  On the second evening after some of the group explored the local area on a walk, the group came together for supper of crumpets and marshmallows (again) and shared their thoughts and learning from their first camp.   

Here are a few quotes from some of the people who came along and joined in:  

  • “I learnt so much about myself & how to support others in nature & use what nature has to offer….. brilliant experience”   
  • “The making of the totem pole is really therapeutic, and I loved every minute carving in the details all around it, we even bought them back to Anew to show them off.  The surroundings are beautiful and sitting around the campfire was breathtaking, I can’t wait to go back there again.”  
  • “It was a fabulous experience, took me back to my childhood, well recommended for anyone from all ages.  Angela was awesome throughout with us too.  I haven’t had as much fun in years also a nice balance around the beautiful fire pit at night.  Thank you for making my three days special.” 

It is safe to say that this first adventure was very much a huge success, all the tasks and challenges were met and completed, reflect and review at the end of the camp was poignant and moving, everyone revealing more about their experiences and what they have learnt.