Our Mission

Our vision: Supporting communities to develop innovation and holistic opportunities to increase ambition for progression in all walks of life.

Our mission: To support all communities and individuals to become active, innovative and progressive by providing a holistic programme to reduce isolation, promote healthy lifestyles and create progression opportunities for all community members.

Adventuring Angels is an innovative approach to engaging all communities, whether they are geographic communities, communities of interest, or communities of need. The range of activities and approaches are only limited by the imagination, all things are possible with a little thought.

Our aim is to build a Social Enterprise business to ensure that communities benefit from any Adventuring Angel activity. We will:

1) Hire local community assets to deliver projects, training, forest activities and parties.

2) Work with local small businesses to resource and equip the organisation.

3) Employ and train local people as we grow.

4) Be as enviromentally sustainable as possible, using local products, produce and all eco friendly materials, aiming to recycle, reuse, upcycle and renew as much as possible.